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Passive fire protection is built into the structure of a building to provide stability, and into walls and floors to separate the building into areas of manageable risk-compartments.

These areas are designed for passive fire protection to restrict the growth and spread of fire, allowing occupants to escape and offering protection for firefighters. Such protection is either provided by the materials from which the building is constructed, or is added to the building to enhance its fire resistance.

Fire Doors – Upgrades & Remedials

Fire Protection Compliance Ltd are fully conversant with the legal requirements of fire doors, and can carry out a full survey of doors/remedials/ironmongery requirements.

Our team of highly-skilled joiners install fire-rated doors/doorsets or upgrade existing doors to provide the required rating and protection, including the replacement of fire/smoke seals, door closers, CE hinges etc, to give you full compliance and peace of mind.

Fire & Smoke Curtains

Fire and smoke curtains are used to create a barrier to limit and control smoke fumes spread within vertical loft spaces or roof voids, and are generally classed as ‘cavity barriers’ and/or extensions of fire walls.

Fire Safety Compartmentation

What is Compartmentation?

The spread of fire within a building can be restricted by sub-dividing it into compartments, separated from one another by walls and / or floors of fire-resisting construction.

We specialise in carrying out specialist fire compartmentation surveys, both intrusive and non-intrusive.

The reports which we compile contain the following information in brief:

  1. Fire resistance periods
  2. Construction substrates (solid wall, stud partition, etc)
  3. Dimensions of breaches
  4. Type and quantity of penetrating services (cables, plastic pipes, ducts etc)
  5. Remedial materials required
  6. Photographs of non-existent / inadequately-installed firestopping
  7. Costings (if required)
  8. Written report (if required)

Fire & Acoustic Penetration Seals

Fire Protection Compliance Ltd employ knowledgeable third-party accredited installers (FIRAS) and provide manufacturers’ recommended materials to the sealing of services where they penetrate walls and floors.

Before and after photos, along with marked-up drawings and, upon completion, joint Certificate of Conformity in association with FIRAS (third-party accreditation body), afford peace of mind that the works have been carried out correctly.

Façade Fire & Acoustic Cavity Barriers

(Both vertical and horizontal.)

Hilti Accredited
CHAS Accredited