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What is passive fire protection?

Passive fire protection is essential in ensuring the safety of a building. It works by dividing a building into compartments, aiming to prevent a fire from spreading for as long as possible to ensure the safe escape of a building’s occupants, and to salvage as much of the building as possible. Fire-resistant barriers, which can be installed in walls, ceilings and floors, have three main functions:

  • To resist the structure collapsing
  • To block the spread of smoke and flames for varying lengths of time
  • To insulate against heat conduction

Control smoke, and you save lives.

When fire strikes, it’s the flames that grab attention… but it’s usually the hot, toxic smoke that kills. It fills a building’s escape routes, stops people getting out, and hampers rescuers getting in.

Welcome to Fire Protection Compliance – An independently accredited contractor for Fire Safety.

Based in Cheshire, our location enables us to offer a fast and personal response to enquiries within the UK, from tender stage to contract completion.

With a thorough understanding of the scientific principles behind smoke and fire, we manage the simplest fire door installation to complex applications; delivering on time, within budget and to the highest standard of professional care.

Fire Protection Compliance Ltd has cumulative experience of over 35 years in the industry, and have worked successfully with both direct clients and main contractors of all sizes—providing manufacturer-approved and bespoke solutions.

We specialise in carrying out remedial points from recent fire risk assessments, from passive fire protection works to fire door installation, and can help guide clients through building regulations with the aim of making sure their building is fire-safety compliant, legal and safe.

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